FAQ & Resources

Q: What is a PICC line?

A: A PICC line stands for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, a central line with the tip preferably placed in the Superior Vena Cava. It can be used for blood draws, vesicant/irritating drug delivery, nutritional support, and other intravenous fluids. It provides a reliable method of delivering infusates without multiple peripheral restarts. A PICC line is intended for one week to as long as one year of therapy.

DIAGNOSIS – Early Vascular Access PICC Diagnosis Conditions may include:

MRSA Dehydration Cellulitis CHF/COPD
Deep Vein Thrombosis GI Bleed Bowel Obstruction Pancreatitis
Liver Disease Renal Disease Hyperemesis CVA / Stroke
Systemic Infections

Q: What is a Midline?

A: A midline is a peripheral catheter with the tip usually placed in the axillary vein. (This is not a central line.) It may be utilized like a PICC line, except for TPN (Total Parental Nutrition.) TPN must always be given centrally. A midline may be intended for one day to one month.

Reasons to establish Vascular Access:

  • Mid to Long-Term IV Therapy (Antibiotics / Fluids)
  • Hyperalimentation (TPN)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Irritant or Vesicant Medications
  • Home / Alternate Setting for Infusion Therapy
  • Pain Control
  • Steroids
  • Poor / Limited Venous Access
  • Conditions Requiring Frequent Lab Draws
  • Conditions Requiring Multiple IV Sites
  • Palliative Medications and Care

Q: Is your facility using Infusion Nursing Standards Practices?

A: Central line dressing changes at least every 7 days and IV site rotations every 72 to 96 hours.

DRUGS: Infusion Nursing Stands Recommend all drugs with a pH < 5 or > 9 should be run via central line with an IV Pump, including:

TPN – Hypertonic Vancomycin – pH 2.4 Potassium – pH 4.0 Phenergan – pH 4.0 Bactrim – pH 10
Nafcillin – pH 10.0 Amipicillin – pH 8.0 – 10.0 Pentamidine – pH 4.1 Doxycycline – pH 1.8 Acyclovir – pH 10.5
5-FU – pH 9.2 Amphotericin – pH 8.0 Taxol – pH 4.4 Ciprofloxin – pH 3.3 Dilantin – pH 12.0
Dopamine – pH 2.8 Dobutamine – pH 2.8