As experts in vascular access, education is a critical component of our mission. Much like our vascular access service delivery model, our education service delivery is flexible. Our team of clinical educators will work in conjunction with your leadership team to create a tailored approach to the educational services that best serve your organization.

In addition to a customized educational program, the following Educational Classes are just a sample of the standard offerings that are available year-round and in the convenience of your facility:

  • Central Line Care and Maintenance
  • Portacath Care and Maintenance
  • Basic IV Trainings

PiccFusion believes education is more than providing classes, it is a means to assist your organization in developing a “best practices” approach to healthcare. Our consulting services can help your organization achieve the INS Best Practices standards, along with establish infusion and vascular access protocols.

To learn more about how our Education and Consulting Services can benefit your organization, please submit an Internet Request form found on the “Contact Us” page with the Keyword “EDUCATION” in the information you would like to receive section.